Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss


As a former soldier in the Russian army, i have fighting terrorism, and also killed women and children terrorists. To check out my book about ISIS click here   and my co-Author Hassan Hassan here . Follow my on Twitter at @michaeldweiss



ISIS – Inside The Army Of Terror


HI, we the Authors (Michael Weiss, and Hassan Hassan) have decided to give out our book for free, in order to Exchange information about this dangerous cult.

(Ps. We would be happy, if you could click on Our names above, and read our biography.)

Links to the book:

WordPress link:  ISIS – Inside the Army of Terror –

Archive link: https://ia902602.us.archive.org/19/items/IsisInsideTheArmyOfTerror/Isis-InsideTheArmyOfTerror-Akure.pdf

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